Bouveret Artiste Peintre

UK Career

After having frequented several shops I had the luck to perfect my knowledge and to study the painting to Barbizon during numerous years.

I like to translate through my pictures effects of the clear - dark indissociable of the painting of Barbizon and the Flemish painting that I especially love.

I use the hot and luminous hues that I moderate by the gray colorful. I invite you to discover my canvases and drawings executed to the will of my inspiration at the time of walks in my region (Drill of Fontainebleau, Village Seine and Marnais... ) or my work in shop that I execute after having composed still live, bouquets of flowers...

While having a vivacious key I am appreciable to the perception of the real, and I apply to make " pass " through my painting all the sensitivity attached to my person...

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